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    5 Tips For Safer Browsing

    By / August 17, 2009

    In order to ensure safety when browsing the web, they are five major yet simple steps that can be taken in order to maximize security. The first and most obvious step to protecting your computer is to install anti-virus software. You should get quality software as well, this meaning it will usually require purchase. The… Read more

    The Windows Update – Critical And Simple

    By / August 13, 2009

    Windows Updates. These familiar notifications are something every windows user has experienced over the course of time. The bubble warning shows up in the corner of your screen and lets you know that Microsoft has developed some manner of improvement to the existing framework of their operating system, and that they want you to install… Read more

    Top Five Common Computer Problems And Solutions

    By / August 11, 2009

    The most often encountered software problems are directly related to the connection with the Internet. Stand-alone off-line computers rarely experience software issues that aren’t a result of a hardware failure. Since the vast majority of computer users are wired into the Internet one way or another, those particular software vulnerabilities will always be exploited, one… Read more

    Backing Up Your Computer Files Online

    By / August 5, 2009

    Many of us store important work and personal documents on our laptops, or on optical discs. However, we all have had a computer crash at one point or another, perhaps with the loss of important information, and so online data storage facilities sprouted up to save us from these mishaps. But are your computer files… Read more

    Why Your Computer Needs a Registry Cleanup

    By / August 3, 2009

    Do you know why your computer needs a registry cleanup? Do you remember how fast it was when you first bought it? Are you using the control, alt, delete buttons more and more frequently? Of course, there are many problems that you can have with your computer. Running a registry cleanup may not fix them… Read more

    PCI Serial Card Basics

    By / May 27, 2009

    Users who need to install a scanner, zip drive, or new printer to a computer can feel frustrated when the machine has run out of available ports! In this case, there is a simple solution—users can add an expansion card that has two or more serial ports. The cards can also replace non-working ports. A… Read more

    RELECTRIC Offers Electrical Part Pick Up and Demolition

    By / April 16, 2009

    As one of the leading electrical parts salvaging companies in the United States, RELECTRIC helps companies to recycle their Cutler hammer breakers and other electrical parts. But what if you have a large amount of electrical systems which need to be broken down or demolished before they can be disposed of properly? Fortunately, RELECTRIC can… Read more

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