Registry Cleaners – Information You Need to Know

Has your computer become slow, takes a long time to load programs, to shutdown or startup? The cause may lie in a corrupt registry. The registry is where all the programs that run on your computer store vital bits of data, including registry keys, passwords, bits of execution codes, serial numbers and much more. These important bits of data are critical in order for these programs to run. If the registry on your computer is corrupt your computer will become slow or refuse to launch certain programs.

You’ve probably heard of registry cleaners or seen advertisements for them. What do they do? In essence they are supposed to clean your computer’s registry and optimize the files. When you install and run a registry cleaner program you’ll probably encounter several thousand registry errors. This is normal and running a registry cleaner on a regular basis will help keep your registry in shape and keep those programs running like they did when you first installed them. However, it must be said that most registry cleaners do NOT remove spyware or malware. Registry cleaners scour your computer to check if the registry entries are in order. Unfortunately it is also important to note that most free registry cleaners may install spyware or malware or viruses on your computer. Thus it is safer to purchase a registry cleaner, that will do what its intended to do and not harm your computer. You can try registry cleaners for free, from reputed vendors and these free versions will be available with some of the key features disabled.

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