Here’s how Apple fix hardware problems

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Hardware manufacturers, take a page from Apple. When it introduced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on September 9, 2014, its team of first responders known as AppleCare immediately went into action. What do they do? They gather information from customer returned products about new hardware issues and generate reports to administrators and engineers of what types of problems and customer complaints. It helps Apple to fix problems immediately. What have they found out? Most of the initial complaints were hardware issues such as components not being connected properly, unfastened cables, not enough glue or soldering.


When a new hardware product is introduced, fixing problems should be a priority for the success of the product as well as the business. In Apple’s case, all defective new iPhones returned by customers comes to its headquarters in Cupertino, California. By dismantling the product, they identify problems. Whole program was created in early 1990s. The volume of products Apple generates everyday needs a quick turnaround on issue identification in order to stay relevant and not generate media frenzy. The bar code system that Apple uses, they can trace a product down to the person who assembled it. What a concept and what a job to keep customers happy.

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