The Top Ten Reasons iTunes Sucks

With the popularity of iPods and iPhones, it is easy to see why Apple’s iTunes is still one of the most commonly used music players. Despite its popularity and wide range of users, it still leaves much to be desired for the everyday music lover.

An explanation of why Apple’s iTunes library player sucks is that above all else, it is a store. Although iTunes started as a very easy to use and great music player, it has become just a side application of the iTunes store. Updates have become a second priority and almost all of its features link back to the store.

Because of the iTunes store being the top priority, a lot of iTunes music player has become very out-of-date. The main disadvantages here are that they put a large strain on your computer with a massive memory for just a music player. They also do not support any other music formats, cannot transport any music through your iPod and it downloads several other programs onto your computer such as QuickTime just to run.

When you click on a song or artist, iTunes will direct you to their store where you can purchase more of their music, while other music players will direct you to their Wikipedia pages. This is a large disadvantage for many people using the program. Finally, there is also no plug-in architecture, the drag and drop is choppy and because of its lack of updates, iTunes runs fairly slow on most computers.

Although the iTunes music player has so many issues, if you are using it to simply transfer music onto your iPod then it should be a sufficient way to do so. However, if you are a music junkie and looking for a way to listen to music while on your computer, then you will need to find another player.

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