How to Pick the Best Inkjet Printer

Although, figuratively speaking, there are a million different Inkjet printer models in the market, buying one is a simple task if you follow certain guidelines.

1. Decide on the features. These days, Inkjet “printers” not only print but also scan, fax, and copy. Having all three features is now common, so this does not have to be a very crucial factor in your decision.

2. Pick the top three to five brands and choose a few models that you think are right for you. Do not go for the cheapest (unless your budget is really low) or the most expensive. Go for something in the middle.

3. Once you have your list, look for user reviews. Do not bother with experts’ reviews as they tend to get taken up with some technical aspect that is extremely fascinating to them but would really make no difference to the common user. Based on the information you gathered, prune your list down.

4. For the remaining models on your list, check the prices of ink cartridges and the promised yields. An important fact about ink cartridges is that they are the means of revenue for a printer manufacturer. Inkjet printers cost less because they sold for less than the manufacturing cost. The manufacturer then prices the inkjet cartridges higher to recover the resulting loss. The promised yields are figures derived from printing in ideal/perfect conditions. So take those figures with a pinch of salt.

Once you finalized your list, the choice is really down to price and personal choice. You can be sure that at this point you are getting a printer that will last you several years without too much trouble or excessive operating costs.

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