Piano Learning Software – Rocket Piano Review

Anyone who can play any musical instrument will tell you that it was the most time consuming, and single-minded effort that they have ever made. Ruth Searle, an accomplished pianist from New Zealand, has produced a piano course that takes some of the difficulty from learning to play piano, Rocket Piano.

When you purchase Rocket Piano you will receive:
Three Rocket Piano instructional books, a beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
133 audio files.
57 video lessons.
Rocket Piano Jazz and Gospel books.
Jayde Musica Pro, a software game for learning to read music.
Chordinator, software for learning to read piano chords from sheet music.
Rocket Piano virtual metronome.
Advanced learning techniques for piano.
Perfect Pitch Pro, software game for developing note recognition.
Lifetime access to their website and utilities, with e-mail support.

This course teaches the very basic concepts at the start, all the while demonstrating not only what is correct, but the common mistakes to avoid. This course will have you playing quickly, and advancing on to intermediate and advanced levels in no time. The level advancement is an effective way of learning, and the videos and other learning aids definitely reinforce the learning experience, providing visual aids and games to the learning experience.

The Advanced Learning Techniques for the Piano book, and Perfect Pitch Pro program are excellent add-ons that any musician would find invaluable aides in learning any instrument, not just the piano. Price varies from place to place, so shop around, but for the money, Rocket Piano should have you playing like a pro in no time

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