The slow death of personal computers (PCs) to continue

Microsoft’s much anticipated release of Windows 8 will hit stores in late October 2012.  But don’t expect PC sales to jump through the roof.  The worldwide sales of PCs are slowing while smartphones and tablet sales are increasing dramatically.  In 2012 worldwide sales of personal computers are expected to drop by two percent to about 357 million units.  The PC sales decline which started in 2010 is continuing its ever slow death.  Meanwhile, smartphone sales will increase by 42 percent   this year to about $294 billion sales.  The sales of tablets will increase at a much faster rate of 65 percent this year totaling sales revenue of approximately $59 billion.

Today’s smartphones and tablets can do much of day-to-day tasks including Web surfing, e-mail, editing photos and more.  They also can do these tasks much better than a PC.  Cloud computing is changing the way we handle data.  Big data centers are capable of responding to customer needs immediately.  That may be why Google and Facebook looking into its own data centers.  Sales increase of smartphones and tablets will continue to demand and patronize big cloud data centers.  The storage giant EMC will also benefit from increasing demand for cloud computing.

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