Could Microsoft catch up to Apple and Google mobile computing?

In 1980s and 1990s, Microsoft’s Windows was a mainstay in personal computers (PC). Today mobile computing dominates the computing market and Apple, Google and Microsoft are the three main competitors in the field of mobile computing. Google’s Android operating system is leading the U.S. smartphone market with an impressive 52 percent share of the market with Apple’s iOS with 32 percent share and Microsoft’s Windows Phone with four percent share.

Could Microsoft increase its share of the mobile phone market? It appears that instead of allowing hardware companies to develop devices, it is taking an active role in making units. After Nokia abandoned its own operating system, Symbian, in February 2011, Microsoft now has a relationship with the company to make mobile units on Windows Phone, especially Windows Phone 8 due to come out shortly. Nokia released two new phones, Lumia 820 and 920, very recently which display an innovative design and improved navigation features.

Windows Phone 8 also carries some improvements over its Windows Phone 7. Its new “Live Tiles” displays up-to-date information on the home screen. It also avoids litigation due to its innovation. Microsoft has a proven track record for launching a product and gaining market share.

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