Don’t expect your e-mail to be personal or secretive

Headlines dominated the airwaves and the internet about the recent resignation of four star General David Petraeus as the head of the CIA.  He led two successful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and joint forces until he became the head of the CIA.  The center of the recent scandal is an admitted affair with his biographer as well as co-worker.  Beyond the headlines, a decade worth of e-mails between the two that has been dug out by the CIA caused the decorated career of the head of the CIA.

Your e-mails leave a permanent and indelible path.  Even if you cleanup your e-mail by deleting it and trash bin, chances are that some remote server may keep copies of all your e-mails.  Once you hit the send button, your e-mail may not be fully recalled because of this.  Most of us use free e-mail offered by those who push advertising as well as keep your information and e-mail for data mining.  E-mail as well as Twitter, instant messaging and texting is fantastic modern day technologies that help this and future generation’s communication.  Unfortunately, they keep track of everything you do and could haunt you in ways that you don’t expect.

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