Tips for Your Samsung Toner Cartridge

When you are looking for a new Samsung toner cartridge for your printer, there are couple of things that you should do to get the most out of your toner.  Here are two big tips that you can use for your toner cartridge.

Compare the Toner Yields

•        Sometimes it’s going to be cheaper to buy the remanufactured or generic cartridge rather than buying the brand name, but it’s not always this way.  You should calculate your cost for each page if you are going to be printing a lot.  Then you choose the cartridge that is going to give you the cost that is the lowest overall.  Print the configuration page prior to changing your cartridge.  Then look at your page count when you’ve exhausted your cartridge. Divide that purchase price of your cartridge by your page yield to find out the price per page printed.

Shake Down Your Toner

•        Based on the amount you print and the amount of time you are using the copier or printer, you are able to get something like a couple more days to a couple weeks more in your toner’s life.  This is done simply by taking your cartridge out, shaking it well, and then putting that back into your unit. This is going to redistribute your powder in the cartridge evenly and lets the printouts be better covered.

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