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    MSN Direct to shut down in 2012

    By / November 26, 2009

    It is official, Microsoft has announced that the MSN Direct service will be shut down in 2012. The announcement was made via the MSN Direct Support blog which revealed that the service would come to an end on January 1, 2012. So what happens to the subscriptions? If you have paid for beyond 2012, a… Read more

    Want Windows 7 for 30 bucks? Go to college

    By / November 21, 2009

    Sounds too good to be true, but you can legally get an upgrade copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for $29.99. So why is Microsoft being so generous and dropping the price from an almighty $119.99? Well the catch is that it is not for everyone; you have to be a student, specifically, a college… Read more

    Apple approaches TV networks on $30 subscription model

    By / November 13, 2009

    According to multiple anonymous sources, Apple executives are trying to create some interest from the big broadcast and TV networks for a $30 a month all-you-can-watch buffet of TV programs on iTunes. The rumors put the launch of the service at some point early next year. However, that particular date is in doubt as not… Read more

    Movies on USB flash drives arrive

    By / November 13, 2009

    It was only a matter of time before it happened, and so Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has the honor of being the first movie on a USB thumb drive. The product is the result of the deal between Paramount Digital Entertainment and Kingston Digital. “This unique agreement enables PDE to make available its entertainment… Read more

    TwitterPeek: A $99 handheld for Twitter, and only Twitter

    By / November 8, 2009

    From the makers of the Peek email only handheld device comes the TwitterPeek, a device that lets you keep tabs on the Twitterverse while on the move. On sale now at Amazon, the mobile device is priced at $99. Features of TwitterPeek include battery life of about 3 – 4 days, a QWERTY keyboard and… Read more

    A review of Apple's Magic Mouse

    By / November 8, 2009

    Apple attempts to reinvent the mouse with its new Magic Mouse, which offers multi touch gestures and scrolling. However, with the magic mouse you lose a few useful features from Apple’s older mouse. The Magic Mouse is a wireless, Bluetooth mouse that is powered by batteries. It is easy to setup and configure and brings… Read more

    Firefox surpasses IE6 in browser share

    By / October 29, 2009

    It has been a long time coming but Firefox has finally surpassed Internet Explorer 6 in market share. Standards advocates and designers have been trying for years to have IE6 removed, but somehow, due to those who just use the browser that comes with windows and choose never to update, it just has not died…. Read more

    Make your Firefox more like Google Chrome with Pin Tabs

    By / October 28, 2009

    One of the best features or visual components of the Google Chrome browser are its tabs. Called pin tabs, they are compact tabs that are not very wide, barely the width of a favicon and allow the user to have a lot more tabs open compared to the standard fare in other browsers like Firefox…. Read more

    Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 8

    By / October 25, 2009

    In the last week of September, Adobe announced the release of Photoshop Elements 8 which is the slightly lighter consumer oriented version of its photo editing software. For the Windows release Photoshop Elements 8 includes improved features such as people recognition, Photomerge Exposure that lets you take differently exposed photos of the same scene and… Read more

    How to add a "copy path" option to the Windows context menu

    By / October 24, 2009

    If you are a windows user you may be familiar with the menu that appears when you right click on an object in Windows Explorer. This menu is called the context menu and it allows you to cut, copy, rename, send file to a specific source and rename. But what do you do if you… Read more

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