Want Windows 7 for 30 bucks? Go to college

Sounds too good to be true, but you can legally get an upgrade copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for $29.99. So why is Microsoft being so generous and dropping the price from an almighty $119.99? Well the catch is that it is not for everyone; you have to be a student, specifically, a college student or affiliated with a university.

As long as you have an .EDU e-mail address, you can go to the microsoft website and download it. Among the list of educational institutions are community colleges, seminaries, cooking schools, technical schools, message therapy schools, etc. For exact lists just visit the microsoft site, and in case you do not see you college or educational institution listed there, they provide an option to apply for it to be included.

Although it is necessary to be enrolled in a course to be eligible for this offer, there is hope for those who have left college. If you are lucky enough to have a working .EDU email address, you can still apply. However, chances of this may be slim as most colleges do switch you to a .NET address or something similar after you graduate and join the alumni.

Before you do move to Windows 7, be sure to back up your data just to be safe. In addition, you should note that this is an upgrade copy of Windows 7. Therefore, to be safe run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor that will advise you of any upgrade/ incompatibility issues you might have with your current hardware setup.

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