What Can a Computer Forensics Expert Do?

The main job of a Computer Forensics Expert is to analyze and retrieve possible evidence from a subject’s computer system. Steps taken by a computer forensics expert include:

– Protecting the subject computer system during the examination and ensuring that no data is damaged or altered during the process.
– Discovering all the files on the system. These include existing files, deleted yet remaining files, hidden files, password protected files and encrypted files.
– Recover as much as possible of discovered deleted files.
– Reveal the contents of hidden files and temporary files created by the operating system as well as applications.
– Access if legally permitted the content of encrypted files.
– Analyze all possible relevant data including unallocated spaces, slack space in a file and previously deleted files or data.
– Provide an expert consultation or commentary as required by the situation.

Computer Forensics experts have become enormously useful in the current business environment. They assist criminal prosecutors, civil litigators, insurance companies, large corporations, law enforcement officials and individuals.

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