Tips for Organizing Your Computer Desktop

Cluttered computer desktops are awful. You never know where you’ve saved that important document, and things go downhill from then onwards. You need to get organized. We are all guilty of saving files anywhere and everywhere on the computer. If you think arranging files on your computer is time consuming, you are wrong. Think of how long it takes for you to retrieve it, especially if you have thousands of unnamed word, excel and powerpoint files. Here is how you can get organized:

Default programme icons – when you install a new application, it automatically adds a shortcut on your desktop, quick launch and on your programme list. Who needs that many shortcuts? Quick Launch is meant for only a few applications that are constantly used. Remove multiple shortcuts and keep them where you need them, with the most frequently used on Quick Launch, a few necessary items like your inbox on your desktop, while the others can stay in the programme list.

Folders – organize your folders in way that best makes sense to you. You might want to categorize your stuff according to work, pictures, music, games, etc. Keep subfolders only where necessary, but make sure you name appropriately so they are instantly accessible.

Delete – you might have a lot of stuff downloaded on your desktop from forwarded emails and browsing that you no longer need. Delete them. If you are not using them, you do not need them.

Continue the process of creating folders until every file has been put under a specific, categorized folder.

Written by Admin