TwitterPeek: A $99 handheld for Twitter, and only Twitter

From the makers of the Peek email only handheld device comes the TwitterPeek, a device that lets you keep tabs on the Twitterverse while on the move. On sale now at Amazon, the mobile device is priced at $99. Features of TwitterPeek include battery life of about 3 – 4 days, a QWERTY keyboard and a large sized screen. This dedicated handheld lets you perform all the basic Twitter chores such as checking your feed, posting tweets, tracking @mentions, and sending and/or replying to direct messages.

TwitterPeek does not have many of the features of a standard cell phone. TwitterPeek does not even have a camera, a web browser, text messaging or even email. TwitterPeek does only one thing and that is Twitter. However, since it does not have a web browser you cannot open twitter links. TwitterPeek is so simple it does not even require a wireless contract. Instead you simply pay $8 per month for a nationwide coverage including unlimited tweeting. Another available option is the $199 version of TwitterPeek, which comes with lifetime service.

Although it does not seem like the TwitterPeek will make many inroads in mobile communication. However according to the developers of TwitterPeek there is a market for dedicated devices such as TwitterPeek, especially for those who do not want to spend $100 a month for cell phone service with a data plan.

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