A review of Apple's Magic Mouse

Apple attempts to reinvent the mouse with its new Magic Mouse, which offers multi touch gestures and scrolling. However, with the magic mouse you lose a few useful features from Apple’s older mouse. The Magic Mouse is a wireless, Bluetooth mouse that is powered by batteries. It is easy to setup and configure and brings a whole new dimension to using a mouse on your Apple devices.

One of the most notable features is the pair of rails on the underside of the mouse that allows it to glide smoothly atop your desk. The mouse also features improved tracking on any type of surface, be it wood, plastic, granite or anything else. Apple boasts that the Magic Mouse is the “world’s first Multi-Touch mouse.” The multi-touch surface makes scrolling and browsing smoother than with a regular mouse. Also, since there is no mechanical track wheel or ball, users do not have to worry about dirt or grime getting in to it and making it stuck. You can also select scroll with momentum and without momentum. If you have scroll with momentum on, a single swipe will get your curser to the bottom of a giant window. The mouse also features many options such as right click scrolling, screen zoom, and swipe navigation.

There are a few issues related to the new Magic Mouse as well. If you want to right click you need to lift your index finger off the mouse in order for it to register. The mouse also does not support middle clicks and for Expose and Dashboard functions.

Written by Admin