Tablet sales create a problem for laptops and PCs

Tablets are taking over the computer market once dominated by the laptops and PCs. A more recent estimate by NPD DisplaySearch forecast worldwide sales of 256.5 million units sold this year compared to expected laptop sales of 203.3 million units. The increase in expected sales of tablets represents a 67 percent increase over the last year. The ABI Research expects sales to reach $64 billion this year. Apple and Samsung continued their leadership in tablet sales.

Tablets provide convenience and mobility. One big reason for the increase sales is Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet. It comes with an attachable keyboard that works like a laptop. Another key reason is tablet screens are getting better and many people are using it as a portable TV. On the other hand, content providers such as Netflix are delivering high quality videos over variety of devices including tablets. The International Data Corporation (IDC) and Gartner expect PC sales to continue its slide since it reached another low within the first three months of 2013. But this is not a death nail to laptops and traditional PCs yet. Sales of laptops and PCs are also increasing but at a slower rate than tablets.

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