HP is entering into big data and analytics

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is going head to head with corporate data mining giants IBM and others. In early June 2013, HP introduced the HAVEn, a software package that ties together its data analysis system. The new product offers a way for its clients to sift through corporate data. It was made possible due to HP’s recent acquisitions of Autonomy, Vertica System, ArcSight and others that cost the company more than $12 billion. The British software company Autonomy acquisition alone cost HP more than $10.3 billion but unfortunately for HP, the acquisition was a bust resulting a write-down of $8.8 billion.

Enterprise data analysis market that is estimated at $11 billion a year is a crowded field that involves IBM, Oracle, SAP, Teradata, SAS Institute and many others. IBM and SAP are the giants among data mining companies and IBM alone makes approximately $10 billion a year from big data and analytics. Big data analytics contributes approximately four percent to HP’s total yearly revenue. Unfortunately for HP, the entrance into the big data analytics will not be enough to stop its slide. They need to enter in to tablets and cloud computing in order to stop further erosion and compete with other hardware and software giants.

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