SQL still dominate as the preferred enterprise language

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Introduced as one of the first commercial languages in early 1970s, the Structured Quarry Language (SQL) is a special programming language that is designed to manage data in relational database management system. It contains a data definition language and data manipulation language. Designed by Microsoft for enterprise environment it adds several features to standard SQL more specifically adding transaction control, data insert, query, update and delete, creation and modification, data access control, error handling, exceptions, row processing and declared variables. SQL is one of the most widely used database language in the world. In 1986, SQL became a standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


Some find it difficult to work with SQL syntax due to its style that is not the current norm. It contains many keywords which is not common today when writing languages. But when it comes to relational databases, there is no good alternative to SQL. However, many can rewrite parts of SQL to reduce redundancy and to suit particular applications. Some see many non-SQL alternatives for database query will be coming in the future. With ever increasing popularity of cloud computing, many are looking for alternatives to SQL including the one from VMWare.

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