How the Time Clock is Shifting to the Cloud

Business is in transition, and more employees are working offsite. That has enabled smaller companies to scale quickly through a reduction of costs on supplies, but it presents a different sort of problem. Companies need to be able to track an employee’s activities. The traditional Amano time clock employees once knew is shifting to the cloud, and bringing a host of benefits with it.

Online Time Sheets

Today, employees can use time and attendance systems from any computer hooked into the office network. Access can also be given to employees who work off-site, like contractors, who will need to log hours away from management. Some of these time sheets even include applications that track an employee’s work, through keystrokes or screenshots, so that management can follow up on tasks that were not completed.


These timesheets are convenient for everyone involved. The employee only needs a simple code to get into the system and log his time, while HR need only download a spreadsheet with all hours logged. Some programs even allow employees to alter time punches with management approval, in the event of a mis-clocking or forgotten clocking. The lack of paper trail is also a benefit, because everything is now easy to search using the computer. This also leaves a permanent record, if you need to refer back for tax purposes.


Another advantage to these systems is the ability to scale as a business grows. A normal time machine is dependent on the amount of cards and employees that the system can track. You may need to upgrade your equipment or replace lost cards, which cost you money. Leaving that time tracking to the cloud allows you to easily scale as your employee payroll grows. Simply create a new user, and the software begins tracking that worker automatically.

Final Thoughts

Many of the applications we use for business are beginning to find a home in the cloud. The benefits are worth the transition too. Support is usually included with these services, and you can add or decrease users as needed. The only potential drawback is the monthly cost, but it usually works out to be more in manpower and upgrades for you to use existing time clocks. Ultimately, you will need to decide what is best for your business. Still, online time tracking does give you a fair amount of options for expanding your workforce.

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