Cybersecurity or profits; Retailers dilemma

Retailers such as Home Depot learned it the hard way. With $79 billion a year in annual sales it pays for Home Depot to protect its system from hackers. It employs layers of security software including a key to protect its retail terminals and others from cyber hackers. Yet the Home Depot confirmed that its system was hacked on September 8, 2014. Many believe that Home Depot failed to implement security measures suggested by its security provider Symantec causing the latest intrusion by hackers. Symantec provides its security products to Home Depot including the Network Threat Protection and a feature known as Endpoint Protection. The attack was similar to those that hit Target, Michaels, Neiman Marcus and others recently.

In order to cut down the cost many retailers do not implement all cybersecurity recommendations from the service providers. This makes their system more open to hackers. This practice also brings another point to the forefront. Security at network level is not enough for retailors and it should be provided at the registers or terminals where transactions begin. Some experts are skeptical of this but they all agree that any and all measures add to enhance the level of security.

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