Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 8

In the last week of September, Adobe announced the release of Photoshop Elements 8 which is the slightly lighter consumer oriented version of its photo editing software. For the Windows release Photoshop Elements 8 includes improved features such as people recognition, Photomerge Exposure that lets you take differently exposed photos of the same scene and merge them all to create one uniformed shot (similar to High Dynamic Range photos) and improved online sharing.

Photoshop Elements for Mac ships this October and includes a Bridge CS4 for image management, scene cleaning that removes unwanted objects like people and cars from the scene and touchup brushes to improve your photos. Photoshop Elements 8 also ships at ninety nine dollars for Windows and Mac users. Windows users also have the option of picking up Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and Adobe Premiere 8 as a bundle for just one hundred and forty nine dollars. Windows users can also download the trial version of Adobe Photoshop Elements from their website so that they can try out before they purchase the product.

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