Three reasons to decommin your server room

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There are many risks that come with running an in-house server, but the biggest danger is that it can be a huge security risk for your company. Here are three reasons why you should avoid having an in-house server room:

1) An in-house server room is not as secure as you might think. In fact, it can be quite easy for hackers to gain access to your company’s servers if they are located in-house. This is because there are many ways for hackers to penetrate your network security, and they may be able to do so without ever being detected. End user computers, phones, wi-fi hotspots, are all possible vectors to gain access to your network, and then your servers.

2) An in-house server room can also be a fire hazard. If servers overheated or caught on fire, the entire building could go up in flames very quickly. Mitigation includes fire suppression systems, constant monitoring, etc, but these are expensive, require maintenance, and are also prone to failure.

3) Having an in-house server room can also be very expensive. You will need to hire IT staff to manage and maintain the servers, and you will also need to purchase or lease the necessary equipment. This does not count the cost of ensuring that you have redundant systems that cover all the key areas of your IT infrastructure needs.

By outsourcing your company’s IT needs to a third party provider like server hosting Los Angeles, you can save money and ensure that your data is much more secure.

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