Three of the Best RV Internet Options for Your Next Road Trip

Is reliable Internet access on your list of essentials for your next road trip? During stopovers and stays at RV parks, you may need a good Internet connection for work, entertainment, and staying in touch with your loved ones. Here are a few options for high-performance Internet access that can keep you satisfied as you explore the country.

Fiber optic Internet

We are recommending this service with a significant caveat. Fiber optic Internet access is top-tier because it is lightning-fast with no bandwidth limits. However, this option is only for people who plan to visit highly populated areas in their RVs. If you plan to go on nature trips and RV parks in rural areas, fiber optic Internet will likely not be available so you’re better off finding a rural Internet service provider.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet service providers transmit Internet signals from satellites in orbit around the planet. This impressive leveraging of advanced technology allows the best satellite Internet service providers to provide Internet access to even the most remote areas of the United States. However, be aware that satellite Internet providers’ service often comes with disruptive latency and restrictive data caps.

Mobile Internet providers

RV mobile Internet service providers such as UbiFi are also focused on providing Internet for rural areas, but unlike satellite Internet providers, they rely on cell towers to give users an Internet signal. This also gives companies like UbiFi a reach that extends into highly remote areas, as cell towers are still usually ubiquitous even in rural towns. UbiFi also offers unlimited 4G rural Internet with no overage fees, which gives it an edge over satellite Internet’s restrictive data policies.

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