Intel’s new gamble on branch predictions

Intel, the world’s greatest chip developer and manufacturer recently announced that its CEO, Paul Otellini is retiring in May 2013.  It is also announced that it is going to spend more than $13 billion in 2013 to outfit its factories with advanced chip manufacturing equipment in order to capture what is known as “Branch Prediction.”  It is the way chip manufacturers anticipate the next move in computer programming.  Intel is counting on a chip that powers a new hybrid computer that is a cross between a PC and a tablet.

Branch predictor is how it predicts which way the digital circuit will go in the future.  Intel hope for new breed of devices known as “convertibles,” a hybrid that looks like a clam-shell, has a keyboard, comes with a touch screen, and can be fold over to look and work like a tablet.  Lenovo’s Yoga 13 is somewhat similar to what Intel is expecting.  They point out to multitude of devices that were shown at the just concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  It expects that people don’t have to choose between a PC and a tablet.  It is a gamble for Intel and tablets and smartphones are continuing to grow delivering more bad news for PCs.

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