Firefox Browser Vs Internet Explorer If You Are a Serious Internet User

Many of us use Internet Explorer because it comes bundled with our Windows operating system. However, there are many other browsers out there that have many more features than Internet Explorer and if you are a serious internet user, you will find that Firefox is much better than Internet Explorer.

Firstly Firefox is an open source browser developed by a community of developers and therefore is absolutely free. Firefox is more secure and less prone to viruses and spyware attacks. Firefox has its own phishing filters and spyware protection systems built right in to the browser. Firefox also supports many add-ons and plug-ins created by developers around the world to make your life on the internet much better and best of all these add-ons are also free. Some of these plug-ins include support for Twitter,, Facebook, CNN, RSS Feed readers and much more. Simply click Tools > Add-ons and click Browse for Add-ons and you will find all the add-ons categorized and rated for you to download and install.

Firefox is faster than Internet Explorer and renders web pages quicker. The new Firefox comes with the flash plug-in pre-installed which means you can install Firefox and then go straight to YouTube to watch your favorite video clips.

Written by Admin