Few steps you can take to enjoy your new electronic gadget

Now that you received a gift of your most wanted gadget for the holidays, you should know some basics to take of it.  Here are some steps you can take to care for your high-tech phone, tablet, iPod and other similar gadgets.

  1. Don’t wrap the earphone or any other cord around it.  Cords can scratch the screen and the ear bud may contain germs that can harm the sensitive screen.
  2. Don’t run the battery all the way.  It is okay to do it occasionally, but not always.  Charge the battery before it runs out.
  3. Buy a cover for your device.  The casing will protect it and make it easier to store.
  4. When you clean it, use a damped microfiber, lint free cloth.  Use only water.
  5. Check wires periodically.  Replace any damaged or exposed.
  6. Do not turn your iPod full blast; it may damage the sound quality.  Increase the sound gradually to a desired level.
  7. Warranty that came with your gadget may be limited and covers only few items.  Consider buying an extended warranty that covers hardware and software.

These few ideas will help you enjoy your gadget longer.

Written by Admin