Different Types of Cases for iPods Available Today

All ipods today are heavily advanced versions of what they were in the past. Though their capabilities have expanded profoundly they still need a case to keep them safe. The huge popularity of ipods has given birth to cases using every form and material available so there is one for everyone.

The most commonly used cases around today are those made of silicone. There are several varieties of these cases from solid silicone to materials that are easier to grip and flex easily. The fits can be from a cheap Chinese manufacturer or a high quality producer that innovates on the design for better overall functionality. The colors and designs on these cases is different depending on the manufacturer so people with nearly any kind of taste can find one they like. Although these cases seem to offer only minimum protection, the raised edges around the screen and bouncy nature of silicone protect the screen and casing from getting jolted too hard.

Another type of ipod cases, usually referred to as socks, offer great protection except for one catch. A sock is designed for the device to remain in until it is in operation. These socks are usually made of a very thick layer of fabric to protect the device at all costs. The main disadvantage to these is once the device is being used it is no longer protected from anything until it is placed back in the sock. People that want to protect their device without covering it up will want to take a look at these, but others should look elsewhere for better protection.

Leather cases are excellent for protecting the entire device when in the pocket without having to add a screen protector. Usually these cases secure the music player with plastic straps and have a flap that folds over the screen when not in use. Though these cases are great for protection from scratches they do not offer very good shock protection for drops.

The last main kind of ipod and ipod touch casesare hybrid cases. These cases include at least a silicone and plastic layer to further protect the device from being dropped and broken. Most of these case types have a silicone interior layer and a plastic exterior that latches on, but other designs have come about that are the opposite to accommodate a build in screen protector. These cases offer the best protection in most cases for the music player. The main issue with these is they add considerable bulk to the device. This is usually not a big issue, but people that have small pockets may find it uncomfortable to carry around with them every day.

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