Cloud Computing Benefits for Businesses and Individual Users

Cloud Computing is a concept that has been around since the evolution of the Internet. But it is only in the last few years that people realize its progress and potential. Companies like Amazon and Google have rolled out huge horizontal networks with multiple services, platforms, applications, and storage tools. These enable users to access services directly from the Internet and not spend on owning those applications themselves. Simple examples of cloud computing are Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. These services allow users to access their emails wherever they are in the world and to use any type of Internet accessing device, thus eliminating the need for purchase and local storage of an email client.

Using cloud computing primarily denotes a reduction in cost for most people. It can be beneficial for start-ups, individuals, and even established companies who want to bring down their infrastructure costs. Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others have cloud computing offerings for individual, small, medium, and big players. Users can shift their applications and data to these services and pay on a usage basis which can bring down costs dramatically. For a company such usage means the money spent on purchasing servers, storage devices, security systems, etc can all be re-directed to other matters. The service providers deal with all those issues. It also means that there is instant scalability. Companies can pay a small amount and have resources at their command without the huge costs in infrastructure and even the waiting time for installation.

The future of the Internet seems to be full of cloud computing, as the current trend is to move towards low cost devices which provide you with access to it. This means that everyone is shifting towards storing and working purely on the net. So, if you are interested in reducing your IT costs, why not explore cloud computing, it may be the right solution for you.

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