Your personal cloud made easier

Many of us signup for free teaser cloud storage accounts from popular services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud to find that we max out the limit soon. To get around the limits, many of us open multiple accounts with multiple log-in. These provide challenges such as remembering passwords and most face difficulty in switching between Apple and Android products. This is where Lyve Minds come into help you. At the recently concluded International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, it unveiled a free online app storage product along with a much larger, two terabytes storage service for a fee that serve as a personal cloud. Not only that it make it easier to transfer data between multiple devices but also make the portability much easier. Lyve Minds is funded by the Seagate Technologies.

Seagate Technologies and Western Digital are two major players in cloud storage hardware and software products. It is estimated that more and more people will own at least three mobile devices in the near future that are Web connected requiring easy access and storage sharing between devices. Rather than carrying external hard drives more and more people will turn into cloud storage for photos and other services.

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