Truck Tracking

A state of the art gps tracking system  optimized for commercial use can offer numerous benefits to a user. The most basic and essential function is of course fleet tracking. But beyond this basic service, advanced systems can offer protection of perishable assets by providing a web interface that permits the user to access the temperature as well as the location and status of any vehicle, these are just some of the data that these customizable tracking systems are capable of delivering. These sytems are specially designed to monitor class A vehicles an give their status, e.g. tethered or not, and the system can also provide notification of the movement of any equipment.

These wireless truck tracking units are noted for their durability and compactness, and combine GPRS technology with satellite communications technology to bring the functionality that a fleet management unit needs at a low cost. The cost of these units is quickly recouped in savings from fuel consumption and driver overtime which are produced by the ability to efficiently plan and monitor routes the system makes possible. Additional savings are almost too many to list. For example insurance savings are significant for vehicles mounted with gps tracking software, because of the ability to locate stolen vehicles exactly with geographical positioning technology.
The efficiencies produced by fleet tracking systems are also numerous and include, increased employee productivity by elimination of downtime and unnecessary idle time, and dispatch inaccuracies. Also, more accurate pickup and delivery times become easier to achieve.

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