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Alternatives to MS Word

By / February 27, 2010

For almost two decades Microsoft Word has been the default word processor of choice for millions. It is hard to imagine a time when “word processor” meant an electric typewriter with a tiny display screen that would allow you to see the document one line at a time. It is also hard to imagine that… Read more

Dual Booting

By / February 21, 2010

The practice of Dual Booting is used for many purposes. Some use it for fun so that they can have a “Main” operating system which is used for daily work and an “experimental” OS which is used to try out new things. Others use it on a requirement basis. Sometimes software that you really need… Read more

Basic Components of a Computer

By / February 21, 2010

The following can be commonly found inside the casing of most desktop computer systems. CPU – The brain of your computer system, the Central Processing Unit is a very powerful microchip that runs the entire computer. Every task related to the operation of the computer has to pass through this to get executed. RAM –… Read more

Troubleshooting Slow Browsing

By / February 13, 2010

There many times when you feel like pulling your hair. This commonly happens when urgent work and a slow internet connection are involved. At times like these, several remedial measures that can be taken. Browsers are usually at fault because over time they tend to get bloated with residual data. Generally with Internet Explorer and… Read more

Avoiding a Corrupt Registry

By / February 13, 2010

The Windows Registry is somewhat like the immigration department of the operating system. This is where all the details of all installed software as well as OS-related process are stored. In fact, every little process that executes in Windows, even the ones you do not see, has to have an entry in this system or… Read more

Why Windows slows down over time

By / February 5, 2010

Seasoned Windows users have a great solution for a slow Windows PC, along the lines of “format the system and reinstall everything”. Even though this sounds drastic and time consuming, it is actually the best way to go about rectifying the speed problem. However, this is not the solution for everyone as there are other… Read more

Firefox increases speed by 15%

By / February 5, 2010

Mozilla has been working desperately to stay alive in the browser wars and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 is an improvement over Firefox 3.5 but only just. In the battle for JavaScript rendering Firefox 3.6 is 15 % faster than Firefox 3.5, three times as fast as Opera 10 and over four times as fast as Microsoft’s… Read more

Managing Scareware

By / December 24, 2009

You are browsing the Internet and things are going smoothly when suddenly, a message pops up informing you that your computer is under threat and that you need to click on the link that is found within that message. This type of message is known as Scareware and has become a common problem these days…. Read more

Seven Tips to Prevent Registry Errors

By / December 24, 2009

The Windows Registry is a sort of accounts keeper for all the software programs and settings that exist on your Windows-based computer. Every new program that you install will add one or more entries to the registry. In most cases, these entries remain in your system even after you uninstall the program. Your registry can… Read more

Piano Learning Software – Rocket Piano Review

By / December 18, 2009

Anyone who can play any musical instrument will tell you that it was the most time consuming, and single-minded effort that they have ever made. Ruth Searle, an accomplished pianist from New Zealand, has produced a piano course that takes some of the difficulty from learning to play piano, Rocket Piano. When you purchase Rocket… Read more

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