Online Time Clocks Versus Time Clock Terminals

See the advantages of using a computer to clock in versus using a terminal.

uAttend-MobApp-2TWeb-based time clocks have become a popular option for business owners. The numerous advantages that they have over the old-fashioned models make them a growing trend in today’s micromanaging world. But, time clocks have improved vastly in their aesthetics as well as their functionalities. Certain timeclocks like a biometric-based system scans the user’s facial features as well as their physical features to make them one of the most accurate systems on the market.

Online Time Clocks

The web-based application of an online time clock makes for a simple and paper-less way for employees to clock in. As long as there is access to a computer, an employee can clock in, anywhere. Without wasting valuable IT resources for managing payroll and time sheets, a web-based system can log all the hours allocated to an individual’s shift and translate it into an easily readable form. An employee time clock no longer has to be mounted on a wall or designated to a certain room for an employee to clock in.

Time Clock Terminals

Having an actual timeclock terminal inside your business gives you, the business owner, complete control over each employee’s hours, shifts, payroll, etc. By doing so, your employee will have to manually clock in through a terminal to gain access to their hours and to be able to clock in. This can be advantageous for you in the case of fraudulent activity going on behind-the-scenes without you even knowing. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up paying your employees for work that they aren’t even doing. That’ll eventually add up.

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