mSpot streaming Hollywood movies to mobile phones

mSpot, the US mobile entertainment company has begun streaming full length movies to mobile phones. The company stated that it has agreements with big name studios such as Paramount, Universal and Weinstein Co. Studios to bring these movies to users’ mobile phones. mSpot currently has over three hundred movies available for viewing including new movies such as the Soloist, the Reader and the Curios Case of Benjamin Button. The company hopes to have thousands in its library by the end of the year.

mSpot states that streaming movies, a service currently available only in the US works with Four mobile service providers and with over thirty types of handsets including iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. mSpot’s movies are directly streamed to users’ mobile devices on demand and begin playing immediately. The movies can also be stopped and played as the user wishes. Although services like Apple’s iStore provides movies for its mobile phones and iPods, these movies have to be downloaded to a computer and then synched with the device. A movie on mSpot costs $4.99 and can be purchased with a credit card. mSpot also offers its viewers the opportunity to purchase a movie club membership. To keep the cost low for the user, mSpot recommends that users have an unlimited data plan with their providers.

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