Lenovo slowly becoming a giant in computer business

The world’s top selling computer maker Lenovo, the Chinese maker of personal computers and smartphones, is growing leaps and bounds. It is acquiring mobile phone brands, server businesses and many other technological businesses worldwide. It is world’s number three computer maker behind Samsung Electronics of South Korea and Apple of the US. Today it is selling PCs, phones, tablets, and servers in more than 160 countries and carries more than 46,000 employees.

Its approach is different from the much hyped Apple, Samsung, HP and others. It takes a low-key approach and silently built its empire. They do all their own productions in house. They buy what other companies discard. They are in the process of buying Motorola from Google who was only interested in Motorola patents. They are also in the process to buy IBM’s low-end server business after buying its PC business in 2005.

Lenovo’s biggest market is China. It is No. 1 PC maker in China and the No. 2 smartphone maker behind Samsung Electronics. It has 27,000 Think Pad and Lenovo stores in China that sells PCs as well as other products. But thanks to its new acquisitions and previous actions, it is also a global company.

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