Keeping Your Computer Healthy

Your car, microwave, washing machineÔÇŽeverything runs down over time. So does your personal computer. Why most of us do not realize this is because technology moves so fast that we tend to upgrade before the computer shows any serious telltale signs of problems. But with the economy going down the drain, most users cannot afford to do that anymore. Now, the focus is on making the PC last for as long as possible.

Usually, personal computers have issues that have simple beginnings which you can easily solve if you detect it at an early stage. Overheating is one of the biggest causes of failure in a PC. To avoid this problem, monitor your computer’s temperature especially during periods of prolonged use. A simple touch with your hand can tell you if it has increased in heat since the last time you tested. If it is heating up, shut down and unplug the computer and check the cooling fans in your PC casing and motherboard. You may have to service them or even replace them if they are not functioning well. If you are unsure how to do this, hire a professional.

Another key cause of failure is dust. Dust can clog up fans, causes short-circuiting, and even function as insulation which in turn traps heat. To easily remedy this, open up the case and use canned air to blow away the dust. But make sure you shut down and unplug the PC before you do this.

If you do have a little bit of cash, invest in a UPS or a surge protector. If you experience power outages or spikes, a UPS will not only help you save your data, but it will also save you from replacing a power supply or a mother board. Surge protectors are cheaper and will protect you from spikes but you will suffer data loss.

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