Keeping Track of your Network’s Activities

Keeping track of the activities and productivity of one’s employees has always been an important aspect of running a business. It ensures that your resources are properly utilized and your secrets are kept secret. In earlier times, it was very simple to keep track due to the very limited applications and uses of computers, however the rise of technology over the past years have increased the amount of activities and applications of computer systems at work and therefore made tracking more difficult using traditional methods.

Modern day problems call for modern day solutions. Due to the high volume of network activity going in and out of the terminal server and workstation desktops, it becomes very difficult to keep track of all the activity and chances are, you’ll miss out on something important. There are several terminal server monitors available on the market; these are used to log terminal server activities. This way, you can always keep track of the activities even when you’re not looking. From the information gathered, you can produce remote desktop reports on user session activities, programs opened, productivity of the user, and many more. These easy to use tools make network administrators well aware of all network activities.

Keeping track of your network’s activities has never been easier when you use the proper tools. A good company will recognize the fact that their most valuable asset is their employees and in doing so, it is paramount to make sure that their productivity and efficiency are prioritized.


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