Fun Twitter Tools

Article by Pierre Zarokian of iclimber.

Twitter is here to stay. That is a fact that cannot be disputed. Nevertheless, how it evolves and sustains itself is something that cannot be envisioned yet. With Twitter CEO Evan Williams announcing the launch of the @anywhere service promulgation of Twitter, practically anyone connected to the web will have access to Twitter without necessarily going to its website. This practically guarantees its continued popularity with people around the world.

The fun side of Twitter is still there, although online businesses, gurus, news and marketing seem to be the prominent force that prevails at the moment. So here are some fun tools you can use with Twitter and although some of these have nothing to do with Twitter, they function in the same way.

Cursebird – A nifty little tool that gives you a list of people who are cursing and swearing currently on Twitter. It actually gives you results in real time and gives you statistics on the usage of these cuss words. You can even enter a particular person’s Twitter name and see their “curse statistics” as well.

Twitoria – This app will help you figure out all the inactive users on your Twitter lists. All you have to do is enter your Twitter name and specify how far back in time you want to filter the results.

Secrettweet – This website enables you to leave anonymous “Tweets”. You can also comment on your Tweets and other people’s Tweets anonymously. However, if you wish to, you can link your comments to your real Twitter account and have them appear there as well.
twtTrip – A potentially useful and fun tool. It shows all the people who will be travelling to a destination at the same time so that they can, if they so wish, co-ordinate with each other either a place to meet or make traveling arrangements, etc. Unfortunately, this does not link up with Twitter for some odd reason.

Twe2 – If you’ve been disappointed with Twitter stopping alerts to mobile phones, then Twe2 will be your fix. Twe2 will send you your direct messages and replies via SMS. The service supports itself by attaching little ads at the bottom of the SMS but that is a small price to pay for the convenience offered.

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