Facebook’s Open Compute Project to revolutionize the entire data center industry

Announced in April 2011, Open Compute Project (OCP) is a brain child of Facebook. It is intended to openly share data center products for efficiency and designs. The ever increasing demand for computer infrastructure, hardware and software, drove Facebook to find a cheaper and better alternative to traditional data center products.

Facebook is known for its revolutionary ideas and using its own technology to find new ways to do things. They prefer cutting edge technology and easy operation. That pushed them to introduce OCP. The result is more energy efficient servers, cooling systems that cut down on energy use and use more air from outside, simple screw-less server chassis, slim down server racks, and integrated AC/Dc power. The success of OCP is so huge that some think it will reshape the enterprise-vender relationship and rearrange the traditional sales and distribution. The most recent development includes a variety of generic devices that are capable of working with multiple operating systems which provides more flexibility in network design and challenge traditional proprietary software platforms. Since 2011, the Open Compute Project has developed beyond Facebook and now includes Goldman Sachs, Arista Networks, Intel, Rackspace and many others.

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