Dell Plans to Expand Its ‘Cloud Computing’ Services

Dell has recently announced that it wants to spend $ 1 billion in the next two years in order to open 10 data centers and invest in the expansion of customer support so as to facilitate the sale of software, hardware and other services to large companies, and which will make the process of doing so much easier.

When it comes to the specifics, Dell announced that it will open 12 ‘global solution centers’ in 2011 and another 18 in the following year, along with several data centers that will handle a variety of computing tasks for its customers.

Only recently it has been revealed that Dell doesn’t just want to establish itself as a personal-computing company but also want to expand into the area of cloud computing whose primary role is to deliver information and software through its data centers.

And the steps that Dell is taking in hiring sales staff, making acquisitions as well as offering a variety of products is all towards increasing its data center business to about $ 30 billion in the next three years.

These new data centers will house storage, computing and networking equipment in undisclosed locations spread across the United States, Europe and Asia, among which three of them will be located in the United States. All the other data centers in other parts of the world will focus primarily on helping customers solve technical issues with Dell products and services.

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