Dell launches high-end, thin business PC

Dell recently unveiled its latest high-end, ultra thin business PC incorporating a fresh design to its range of enterprise computers. Dell calls its new Latitude Z the world’s thinnest and lightest laptop, weighing about 4.5 pounds and about an inch thick. That being said the Latitude Z does not come cheap. The new notebook retails at $1,999 and the company is targeting a segment they call impression makers such as creative individuals.

Advances in technology are allowing PC makers to build thinner and lighter computers, and thinner and lighter is definitely a priority for PC makers this fall. Vice President of Dell’s commercial client product group, Todd Forsythe said “We’re seeing thin and light spread throughout our portfolio.” This new revolutionary PC is said to be the first laptop to offer wireless charging and inductive docking. This means that the ultra thin Latitude Z can be charged without a cord simply by using a special docking station. However the docking station is sold separately.
The Latitude Z also comes with a nifty always on function that allows instant access to email and internet and a touch screen function that lets you launch applications and scroll through web pages.

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