Benefits of using Linux

Have you been contemplating using a new Operating System? Linux is an option to consider. It is a good alternative to Windows. Linux was designed in 1991 and posted on the internet by its designer; subsequently a large group of volunteers developed the system and today twenty years along it is a major OS competing with established systems such as Windows and Mac. Here are some reasons why you should use Linux:

One of the biggest benefits of using Linux is the fact that it is free. There are no license fees and upgrade fees involved.

Unlike in the early days it is now very much easier to install, especially programs such as Ubuntu. Though very complicated to use during the inception it is now simple to use and anyone who is competent with Windows can use Linux with ease.

Linux gives you the added advantage of being able to be installed alongside an already existing Windows system.

This is a very secure system. The system will have very few adware, spyware and any other viruses; because of the way it works, it is almost impossible for any virus to enter the system.

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