3 Common Power Point Tips

With the use of computers being a must in the business world today, it is good to stay acquainted with the latest (and even the most common) software such as Microsoft Office.  And while it might be easy to use Microsoft Word, one can often find it difficult to use Microsoft Power Point, and so here are a few tips that can help someone in their daily work:

Tip #1: Adding photos, sounds and video files

If one wants to add photos of their own in a power point slide presentation, it is possible apart from also opting for clipart pictures that are available to spruce up your presentation. Find the “Insert” option when you are using MS Powerpoint and select the picture that you would like.

Similarly, if you want to add a sound file or even a video file, you can find the “Movie” and “Sound” options that can help you add files that you wish. Just remember to keep the file size low or else to slow down your presentation.

Tip #2: Resizing photos

All you have to do is click the photo you would like to resize and then drag it to a new size. Apart from this, one can also enlarge by using the method but also holding the CTRL keys as well.

Tip #3: Converting your Powerpoint to DVD

There is software available that helps you to keep the entire presentation (Windows Media Maker doesn’t) such as WonderShare PPT2DVD, and this will ensure that you get the entire presentation.

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