Why local businesses should choose local web hosting providers

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Since businesses with an online presence would not be able to function without web hosting, web hosting has rapidly grown into a prominent, ubiquitous industry. There are many web hosting providers all over the world with many customers relying on them to provide as much uptime as possible. However, does it make a difference if a US-based business uses a UK-based web hosting provider to handle their website?

The answer to this question would depend on what you expect from a web hosting provider. If SEO and site loading speed are a priority for your business, there are reasons why you should turn to a US-based provider instead. If your desired customer demographic is in the same city or country as your business, you might be missing out on potential customers if your hosting provider is international. Server location is only one of many factors that affect Google search rankings, but Google’s algorithm does appear to favor search results from the same area a user is located in.

Furthermore, site speed is another factor affecting SEO rankings. Slower sites rank lower, and if your hosting provider is located in another country, it will take longer for your website to reach your local customers. For these reasons, local hosting providers are better suited to the needs of local businesses.

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