What you can do to make your computer run faster

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow running computer where you have to wait minutes for it to respond. There are things that you can do to improve the situation.

Defragment your computer

The data in your computer gets scattered when installing or running program. This means the computer has to search the entire hard drive when retrieving a program and with time the hard drive gets completely scrambled with all the installations and downloads. De-fragmentation will reorganize the scattered data and arrange everything in order. Now it will take lot less time to search for a program.

Increase RAM: the increase in Random Access Memory (RAM) will see a significant increase in speed.

Delete any programs that are not used: Clean folders that hold internet caches and cookies. These take up a lot of space and regular cleaning will make the computer respond and process faster.

Scan for viruses: install reliable anti-virus software to detect viruses and spyware that enter the system while searching the net .Keep the anti-virus software updated frequently to detect new viruses.

Avoid having too many windows open at one time as this will affect the memory and thereby affect the speed.

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