Web Development Hacks Anyone Can Use

web-development-woman-with-globeBuilding a website or mobile application is no easy task, even for the most talented of developers. If you’re fond of trying your hand in app and web development and need some basic information on getting started, use the following tricks to get your feet wet:

Use a Separate CSS Style Sheet

While mobile app developers Los Angeles and web developers know how to separate code when necessary, many new developers who are learning the trade will have difficulty with understanding the importance of doing so.

CSS is used to style code in a website. After setting parameters around the code in the HTML body, make sure to cut and paste the actual CSS into a separate sheet, and place the link of that sheet onto the main HTML sheet. This will help your websites load much faster.

Use Native Mobile Languages

Android app development specialists should always code using the Android native language. The development process is faster and it’s much easier to make changes when necessary.

iPhone app developers Los Angeles follow the same practice when developing a mobile application by coding with Swift.

Always Develop One Platform at a Time

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to develop a mobile app and website is attempting to develop all three at the same time. The end result will likely be that the Android and iOS applications won’t match, and any issues that arise will need to be solved twice.

Develop your website first and then move onto either the iOS or Android application.


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