Types of Marine Engines

There are many different types of marine engines.  If you are interested in working with marine engines, you must be able to label a marine outboard parts diagram of an engine.  You can attend a college or other professional or trade school to learn about these types of engines.  If you have a special interest in any one type of boating or boat engines, you can take specialized classes to learn about this specific type.  The trade schools are sponsored by specific companies that produce boats or engines, specifically Mercury marine outboards sponsors one trade school based out of Florida.


If you are interested in learning about boats but do not have the financial capability to attend a four year college, a trade school might be a better idea for you.  Trade schools with teach you all about boats, but you won’t have to take all of the other liberal education requirements that take up a lot of time and credits – and money.  Trade schools are often sponsored by specific companies, and those companies supply the boats and engines on which the students learn to work.  If you do have the financial capacity, a four year college will teach you thing that you cannot learn in a trade school, and it will also give you a chance to experience college life and atmosphere.  Another option for those that do not have the finances is the Coast Guard.

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