Top 5 Common Computer Problems and Solutions

The computer has become part of our day-to-day life and it is inevitable that we will run in to problems due to a software bug or a malicious virus. Many of these problems can be fixed by the user and not have to be taken in to the computer dealer or shop to have it fixed. This costs time and money so the following few fixes should help you save a bit of both.

1. Drop in performance: It could be due to any or all of the following reasons; fragmented disks, corrupted registry files, spyware/malware, viruses, unnecessary services or background programs. To fix this, run a registry cleanup program on a regular basis, use a reputed and updated anti-virus program and run a spyware cleaner on a regular basis.

2. Noises and vibrations: This is caused by lack of maintenance of hardware. Dust may have collected on your system fan or a lose wire maybe coming in contact with a moving object. Simply remove the case and clean the insides of the computer carefully. Make sure the system is unplugged.

3. The computer keeps re-booting: This may also be due to bad hardware maintenance. The fan and cooling system not functioning properly is the most likely culprit. When the temperature inside the computer comes to a certain level the system will restart itself. So unplug the computer and clean the inside thoroughly and carefully.

4. Computer freezes: When you experience the dreaded “blue screen” regularly it usually means that important files in your operating system are missing, you have a virus or spyware that is causing the problem or you have a hardware issue. Run an updated virus guard and do a thorough scan of your computer. If it doesn’t fix it try re-installing windows in repair mode. If that too doesn’t work, you may want to update your device drivers or upgrade the amount of RAM on your computer.

5. Browser home page changed itself: This is most definitely due to spyware or a virus. Buy a reputed virus guard that includes spyware detection and removal and run a thorough scan to remove any spyware, viruses or malware.

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