The Windows Update – Critical And Simple

Windows Updates. These familiar notifications are something every windows user has experienced over the course of time. The bubble warning shows up in the corner of your screen and lets you know that Microsoft has developed some manner of improvement to the existing framework of their operating system, and that they want you to install it. But is it really that important? It pops in and interrupts your work, or your play. Incessantly reminding you that these updates are available. The answer to this question is yes, it really is critical that you allow windows to go through with its updates as often as possible.

The Internet is constantly evolving, and as new technology is made and new programs are written every hour of every day Windows receives updates from those at Microsoft striving to keep it as secure and safe an operating system as it can be. New threats can rear their head in short amounts of time, but diligent work is being done to keep you secure. Turning this off may save you a bit of annoyance to be sure, but is it worth the risk? Unlikely. New virii and malicious software seep into the Internet all the time to target and damage systems. Help is out there though, Windows Update just needs you to say yes and let it work for you. Remember to turn Windows Update on, and make time for it whenever you can. It could mean the difference between you needing to reinstall windows entirely.

Written by Admin