The Two Types of Terminal Server Monitoring

Countless companies rely on terminal servers for their convenience and efficiency. It’s hard to imagine the challenges many companies would face if those servers weren’t an option. However, they’re not a perfect solution. As some companies find out the hard way, they need to be monitored in order to defend against bigger problems. Continue reading for two popular methods of doing so.

When it comes to remote desktop management, you may need nothing more complicated than a simple log. There are many software programs out there designed to simply take note of who’s beginning a session and when they’re ending it. Furthermore, this software can record the programs that were run and make note of any lengthy idle time. This can be a huge help if your company is concerned with security, as well as holding your employees accountable for the work they’re doing in the terminal.

However, other companies may need a bit more from their monitoring software. For example, companies that work in the finance industry, those that work with government agencies or government agencies themselves might all need heightened surveillance. For them, there is software that actually allows the user to monitor the whole terminal server session, even after it’s complete. The software makes a recording of everything that happened on screen.

If your company utilizes terminal server monitoring, it can be helpful to use software that allows you to keep an eye on who’s using it and how.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. They provide terminal server solutions to clients who need a regular remote desktop report for security purposes.

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